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Terms of Sale (TOS)

These Terms Of Sale are put in place to protect the animal first, you the buyer and me the seller. I understand that rarely, “things happen” when conducting transactions with boas. I will be as reasonable as possible about any aspect of the TOS should unusual circumstances arise. My goal is to supply you with a healthy, beautiful animal that you’re happy with and I also hope to gain you as a happy customer who wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from me in the future.

If a buyer has sent money, either payment in full or a deposit, it is understood that the buyer has read and agreed to all four sections of the “Terms of Sale”. Shipping, Payment, and Guarantee.

I reserve the right to alter the TOS in a reasonable manner at any time. The current TOS shall prevail in all transactions.

If you have a vendor preference other than FedEx, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. For any seller guarantee to be intact, the buyer (or other adult) must be present to receive the shipment on the first delivery attempt. The buyer (or other adult) needs to be available earlier and later than expected delivery times.

Although I’ll do my best to ensure your package arrives when stated, any problems in delivery are out of my control and I will not be held responsible for them or any resulting negative outcomes. Having said that, I will do my best to help in any situation that arises.

Please note that any person using FedEx to ship live harmless reptiles has agreed to a different contract than a standard shipper. What this means is that FedEx is NOT liable for ANY claim resulting from their negligence in the transportation of the package. This means if the package is late, there is no refund for shipping costs. The same is true if a package is lost, destroyed, etc. Additionally, adding insurance to the package is a waste of money as they will not honor any claim. This isn’t just with me, this is with everyone using FedEx for live animal shipments.

Shipping will take place Monday through Wednesday and only when temperatures are conducive to live reptile shipping. A new insulated box will be used for every shipment. Heat and cool packs can and will be used when necessary and when agreed upon by both parties. This detail will be discussed with the buyer prior to shipping. No animals will be shipped to a PO Box and I will need a valid phone number for the buyer prior to shipping. The buyer will be provided with a tracking number to track the package.

In the cooler months, I don’t have any problem shipping within certain temperature guidelines. Please note that should a boa arrive cool to the touch, DO NOT USE ANY METHOD (especially not warm or hot water) TO WARM IT UP QUICKLY. The sudden change in temperature can and will kill your boa. You should allow the boa to warm up slowly over time. My recommendation would be to simply place it in it’s enclosure where the optimal temperatures should already be established. Another option, if the boa is small enough, would be to cup it in your hands for a few minutes to get the warming process started. A healthy boa with no food in it’s stomach can easily survive a dip in temperatures for a few hours with no ill effects.

Payment Method:
Payments can be made in the following ways, and are listed in preferred order:
•Paypal (credit and debit cards accepted via Paypal)
•Cashiers check from a banking institution or Postal money order
•Cash (only for sales made in person)

Payments made by means other than Paypal and cash will be held until the funds have cleared which is usually 7-14 days.

Payment plans are available:

We can discuss and set up a plan that is best for both parties (You the buyer and me the Seller).

The animal will be shipped when payment has been made in full, cleared, and both parties have agreed on a shipping date.

Initial deposits are non-refundable for two reasons.
•To ensure that those who are holding an animal with a deposit are serious about purchasing.
•Opportunity costs.

All deposits and payments are transferable to other animals I currently have available.

I will never accept a deposit for an animal prior to making it available for sale (ie, no “pick of the litter” deposits).

Finally, if a buyer has sent payment in full or is utilizing a payment plan and fails to keep in touch with me for a period of 3 weeks or longer, all payments and deposits will be forfeited. I will make every effort available to me to reach you, but I will not put my life on hold for you – I’m sorry. As with other aspects of the TOS, I understand that “things happen” and I’m willing to work with buyers who have reasonable circumstances which prevented them from contacting me.

All animals sold are guaranteed to be:
•The animal you selected and paid for
•Properly sexed
•Feeding on F/T mice or rats unless otherwise specified
•Outwardly healthy

I will always advertise the actual animal for sale and show at least one picture. I do my best to accurately capture color and contrast in my photos. Additional pictures can be taken if you’re interested in purchasing an animal. I will give as much information and background on the animal as I can, if you’re interested. Should the animals appearance not be up to the standards of the photographs I’ve offered, I will gladly refund the total cost of the animal plus shipping both ways. However, be aware that shipping very often stresses an animal out and causes them to “muddy up” so I may request that you hold onto the animal for a few weeks to see if this is the case.
Sexing – I do not probe or “pop” animals to sex them. I use the “finger roll” method because it’s minimally invasive and has great reliability. I also re-sex the animal after receiving payment and when packaging it to double, and triple check before shipping.

I am not infallible, so it is the buyers responsibility to check the sex of the animal and make me aware within 24 hours of any mistakes. I will gladly refund the total cost of the animal plus shipping, or provide a replacement of equal value (if available) at no cost to the buyer if I have made a mistake sexing the animal.

•If the animal arrives overly warm or cold, I must be notified within 24 hours.
•The animal must be inspected upon arrival and I must be notified within 24 hours of anything unusual. If the animal is too feisty to be inspected, let me know and this period will be reasonably extended.
•The animal must be allowed to acclimate and fed no sooner than 5 days after arrival. I’d prefer you to wait 7 days.
•Any physical claims (injuries, death, regurg, etc.) must be supported by pictures.
•The buyer must be willing to provide me with husbandry details so that we may determine together where the problem lies.